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Do you want to add your agency or service to the Sonoma County Senior Resource Guide?
Please read our Inclusion Policy and then complete the form below.

    All SRG agencies must provide programs and services to residents within the geographical boundaries of the County of Sonoma.

    Agencies that are certified, licensed, or accredited by the appropriate levels of government as applicable must maintain valid certificates, licenses, and accreditation for consideration of inclusion (e.g. adult day care, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care agencies, home health services, and hospitals) and be in good standing.

    The order of preference for SRG inclusion is as follows (Listings must meet at least one criterion):
    Agency or program does not charge a fee for servicesGovernment and 501(c)3 non-profit agencies supporting older adults, adults with disabilities, and their care providersSenior and disability advocacy groups and community coalitionsUnique For-Profit, commercial or private organizations may be considered for inclusion based on whether services are otherwise unavailable in Sonoma County due to a lack of comparable government, non-profit or community services