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7G Supportive Housing

agency program phone
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California Department of Veteran Affairs
Veterans Home 800-952-5626
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Nursing Home Compare No Phone
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North Bay Veterans Resource Center- A Divison of Vietnam Veterans of California
Veterans Transitional Home 707-578-8387

7H Utility and Rent Deposit Assistance

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City of Santa Rosa
Economic Development and Housing Department 707-543-3300
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County of Sonoma Community Development Commission
Sonoma County Housing Authority 707-565-7501


With a less-than-1% vacancy rate, finding housing in Sonoma County can be very challenging. The following list includes some things to consider when searching for housing:

  • Check your local, low-income housing inventory and apply to their properties and wait lists.
  • Apply for Section 8 – a housing assistance program for low-income households – in your city and/or county.
  • Treat your housing search like an employment search; create a rental packet that includes a rental resume (complete with your rental history, basic information, references, etc.), a cover letter to introduce yourself and highlight traits that make you a desirable tenant, current credit report, income statements, and letters of reference.
  • Search on-line sites and network with family, friends, and social groups.
  • Act quickly and be responsive! There is a lot of competition in today’s housing market, which means you need to be ready to respond quickly to potential landlords.
  • Consider a share rental or adding a roommate to your household. Shared rentals can be more affordable and easier to locate than traditional housing in some areas.
  • Get help! There are some government programs and local non-profit organizations that can assist with providing rental assistance and paying security deposits.
  • Know your rights! If you are served with a 3-day, 30, 60, or 90-day notice to move, seek legal advice immediately. If you cannot afford legal assistance, there are local, non-profit groups that can assist you.