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4G Money Management

agency program phone
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Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco
Consumer Credit Counseling Service 707-527-9221
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Council on Aging
Daily Money Management 707-525-0143
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Jewish Family and Children’s Services
Seniors at Home 707-303-1530

4H Tax Counseling

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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program - Sonoma County 707-327-2401
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United Way – Earn it Keep it Save it
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program - MyFreeTaxes.Com 707-565-2108 or 2-1-1
Financial & Legal

Financial & Legal

Smarter than a Scammer

  • Be a Nosy Neighbor – Notice Something, Say Something
  • A Healthy Serving of Prevention
  • Red Flags: Stop! It’s a Scam
  • Common Scams

Tips to help protect yourself against Financial Abuse, Scams, and Frauds

  • Organize your finances and regularly check on your assets.
  • Secure personal information and documents.
  • Shred unneeded material that contains personal information.
  • Document your estate plans, and sign a power of attorney. Consider hiring a private fiduciary to help manage your finances.
  • Learn about common scams, financial and investment frauds, and unscrupulous sales practices.
  • When hiring a caregiver, do a background check. Call all references. Have a formal written work contract.
  • Get caller ID for your phone, and be wary of numbers you don’t know. Calls asking for personal information can be scams.
  • Never give out your social security number, banking, or personal information over the phone, by mail, or online unless you can verify that the contact is legitimate.
  • Don’t engage with phone, door-to-door or online solicitors. Hang up the phone, close the door, and never open email from names you don’t know.
  • Don’t make financial decisions alone. Consult trusted family, friends, and professionals.
  • Refuse to allow a caregiver to handle your money without a formal written agreement.
  • Ignore pressure to “act fast, right away”. There are many legitimate-sounding telephone and email scams, like the false “your grandson’s in jail / hospital and needs you to send money” pitch.
  • Visit the website www.socoelderprotect.org